Sometimes "Happily Ever After" doesn't quite work out that way.

If your current relationship is in trouble,  or you find yourself in one unhappy ending after another, understanding WHY might help you break the pattern and improve your relationship.

YOU COMPLETE ME is a new book about the myths that destroy happily ever after. It is intended for anyone looking to improve a current relationship or enter into a great relationship. Either way, your journey begins with you!

YOU COMPLETE ME offers ideas, reflections, case examples, and exercises designed to help you improve your situation.

There is no myth that cannot be addressed. A better relationship is within your reach.


Dr. Fleming, in her work as a marriage counselor, has seen many couples fall into a one of these patterns. Explore how these myths can have long term damage on a relationship.

  • You Complete Me

  • Marriage Will Change Him

  • If He Would Be Perfect, I Would Be Happy

  • Let's Make a Deal: The Barter Economy Marriage

  • We’ll Be Happy When We Get There


  • Children Will Bring Us Closer Together

  • Love Will Keep Us Together

  • I Married the Perfect Person

  • She Knows Me Better Than I Know Myself

  • We Can Go Back To the Way We Were

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